4 Pics 1 Word Answers Level 1961 to 1980

Here are the answers to 4 Pics 1 Word Levels 1961 to 1980


4 Pics 1 Word Level 1961 – Signal (A lighthouse giving signal in the middle of sea., A red signal on a railway track, A red signal to stop walking traffic, A person giving signal for the plane to take off)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 1962 – Tattoo (A man with tattooed arm, A tattoo of a skull and a wine bottle, Tattoo being pierced on a person, A man with a tattooed back)

4 Pics 1 Word Level 1963 – Herring (Fish in a container, 2 fishes, Cooked fish in a plate, cartoon fishes)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 1964 – Rafters (Wooden beams on a house, Wooden roof of a house, A man sitting on a raft in the water, A roof made of wooden beams)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 1965 – Compass (A compass, A human face with a compass shown in the brain, Compass in a person’s hand, A stand)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 1966 – Mars (Word level with An astronaut on the space land, A chocolate bar, A planet, A statue)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 1967 – Toolbox (A box full of tools, Image of a wrench and a hammer, A tool box, Human figure holding a box and wrench in the hands)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 1968 – Piercing (Objects used for piercings, A women with thick framed glasses and a pierced nose, A girl in pants and a small shirt, Round circles drawn on the naked back of a person)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 1969 – Buffet (A table loaded with food dishes, Table full of different kinds of food, A restaurant, A lady getting food from the dishes on the table)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 1970 – Quiz (A person with a pen and a paper talking to another person, A boy with his arm raised in the air, The letter “Q”, A round with the word “FORTUNE” written on top)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 1971 – Casino (A casino table, A game in the casino, A sign reading “LAS VEGAS”, Poker chips)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 1972 – Flee (Two men running, Human figure running, A lady running in the bushes, A man fleeing from a dinosaur)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 1973 – Cigar (2 cigars, a bunch of cigars, A lit cigar, A lit cigar emitting)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 1974 – Airbag (Man in the driving seat of a car with an open airbag, A cloth on the steering wheel, Symbol of an airbag, An open airbag)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 1975 – Rafting (A man travelling on a raft in the water, Men in a raft, A raft in the middle of the water, Group of people with oars sitting in a raft)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 1976 – Spread (Butter being spread on the bread by a knife, A table full of food dishes, A newspaper, A lady fixing the sheets on the bed)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 1977 – Gutter (Metal objects, Metal pipes, A gutter in the road, A gutter in the middle of the floor)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 1978 – Eyeliner (Eyeliner being applied to the eye, A makeup kit, Girl applying eyeliner, An eye with black eyeliner on it)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 1979 – Mascara (woman putting makeup on eyelashes, woman eye with makeup, black paint for lashes, brush for makeup)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 1980 – Segway (Two wheeled object, A person on a Segway, Segway’s lying in the garden, Two people standing on Segway’s)

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