4 Pics 1 Word Answers Level 2421 to 2440

Here are the answers to 4 Pics 1 Word Levels 2421 to 2440


4 Pics 1 Word Level 2421 – Balcony ( large empty theatre with red seats, hanging garden on edge of building, back deck with glass, small patio with plants)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2422 – Artery (vein with red blood inside cross section, major thruway in city from above, blood in human body, heart with circulatory system)

4 Pics 1 Word Level 2423 – Quarry (yellow truck with lift back, bulldozer moving rocks, rock work area, construction site)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2424 – Earlobe (sketch of ear, earring in man ear, woman tugging on ear, woman getting ear cartilage pierced)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2425 – Atom (puzzle with chemical compound, molecular structure, DNA, chemistry)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2426 – Vault (safe with large door in bank, gold bars in safe open, lock door with wheel turn, arches large room)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2427 – Harbor (Ship Harbour, A group of ships waiting in harbour, ship in middle of sea, group of ships standing in the sea)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2428 – Weeds (plants coming from ground, branches taken down, wheelbarrow in yard with flowers, garden with shovel)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2429 – Palace (huge palace view center of City, Temple View Palace, Luxury Palace Glowing in Midnight, a Palace called as a museum)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2430 – Karate (a man breaking the stones into two pieces, man wearing orange belt, a man blocking the move of opponent kick, man performing sidekick )
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2431 – Yacht (boat on water cutting through waves, couple sitting on edge of boat sailing, sails of boat against blue sky, toy boat)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2432 – Luggage (bunch of luggage tags, luggages in beaach, man trying to close his luggage, man movies his luggage trolly )
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2433 – Lab (test tubes with liquid being dropped in, chemist with googles looking at beakers, microscope, scientist in white coat )
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2434 – Karoke (man singing in red shirt, pictures from party bar singing, group of friends with microphones, girl in orange performing pointing)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2435 – Galaxy (space with colors, stars holding stars exploding magic, colored galaxy with planets, Milky Way galaxy stars in space)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2436 – Cabbage (lettuce and root vegetables on white background, plants in garden large leaves, kimchi with red sauce, leafy Polish soup yellow )
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2437 – Tabby (cat looking at camera, kitten relaxing, Cat take a Nap)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2438 – Jackal (large fallen tree with animal, wolf pup in desert, wolf at night, animal in sage brush)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2439 – Forest (Big tree in middle of forest, two men heading to forest, 3d map view of mysterious forest, dessert road in forest)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2440 – Skeleton (Xray man running, building frame under construction, learning about spine in school, vertebrate close up)

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