4 Pics 1 Word Answers Level 2761 to 2780

Here are the answers to 4 Pics 1 Word Levels 2761 to 2780


4 Pics 1 Word Level 2761 – Monkey (Close Up of Monkey, Monkey on a Coconut Leaf, Toy Monkey, A Monkey in a tree)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2762 – Glide (Paragliding, Aeroplane, Butterfly, Bird Flying)

4 Pics 1 Word Level 2763 – Forbid (A Girl with Stop haand signal, Fire Forbidden signal, Traffic signal with red signal, Red Cross Mark)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2764 – Pills (Pills from a bottle, A women mouth with pill, An Old Women Collecting Pills from a hand, Pill sachetes)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2765 – Tuxedo (Close Up of a Man in Neck Tie, Mannequin of Formal Wear, A Man at Beach in informal with untied Tie, Group of Penguines)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2766 – Kilt (A Girl in Red Checkered Short Skirt, A Girl with Green Short Skirt, Orange Short Skirt, Group of Men in Short Skirts)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2767 – Tapestry (Decorated room with paintings, Painting of a War, Carpet Shop, A House with Cloths Hanging)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2768 – Gravel (Close Up of Gravel, A Long country side path, Gravel of a garden, Railway path)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2769 – Discover (A Man with Lens searching on Floor, Missile propagation, A Boy with fire on hand,)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2770 – Chimney (Smoke Coming from factory, Roof with Chimney, Chimney of an old factory of tiles, industrial chimney)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2771 – Trophy (Hand holding a trophy with a blue sky on the background, Award Trophy, Award Trophy backgrounded with stadium seats, A Bussiness man holding Trophy)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2772 – Tuba (Close up of Tuba, Set Tuba on Play, A Man Playing Tuba, Vector image of Tuba)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2773 – Kennel (A Dog in Dog house, A Black and White Kennel, Dogs behind Bars, A Dog in a Kennel on White isolation)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2774 – Bunkbed (Wooden Bunk Bed in white isolation, Wooden Bunk Bed in Bedroom, Metal Bunk Bed,)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2775 – Seaweed (Dried Leaf, Seeweed in water, Fresh Green fungai, Seaweed Gel)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2776 – Vapour (Cleaning Brush with Vapour, Vapour From Lake,)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2777 – Peanut (Different Nuts, Peanuts and a jar of Peanut Butter, Close up of Nuts, Chocolate coated nuts)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2778 – Thorn ()
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2779 – Gorilla (close up of Gorilla Face, Gorilla in white isolation, Gorilla in outdoor, Gorilla eating Bananas)
4 Pics 1 Word Level 2780 – Kneeling (A Women with gloves wiping Floor, A Man on Kneels holding big Rose, A Mother kneel on Floor with a Baby, A Little Girl playing in Floor)

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