Word Trip Labanon Answers

Here are the answers to Word Trip Labanon in Globetrotter Category. (7 Letters Max)


Word Trip Lebanon Level 1 – Lob, Elk, Bot, Let, Too, Lot, Bet, Toe, Blot, Bole, Look, Oboe, Lobe, Boot, Tool, Took, Bolt, Book, Loot, Belt, Booklet
Word Trip Lebanon Level 2 – Tat, Art, Tar, Tot, Air, Tit, Rat, Oat, Rot, Trio, Riot, Tort, Roar, Taro, Tart, Iota, Trot, Tarot, Trait, Ratio, Traitor
Word Trip Lebanon Level 3 – Art, Fit, Tar, Far, Car, Fat, Air, Rat, Arc, Act, Cat, Fiat, Rift, Tiff, Fair, Cart, Raft, Fact, Craft, Tariff, Traffic
Word Trip Lebanon Level 4 – Dad, Ken, End, Eke, Nee, Add, Den, Dean, Dead, Keen, Dank, Need, Knee, Deed, Ended, Naked, Knead, Deaden, Kneaded
Word Trip Lebanon Level 5 – Bat, Boa, Cot, Cob, Bot, Cat, Oat, Too, Tab, Act, Cab, Coo, Coat, Coca, Coot, Boot, Boat, Coco, Cocoa, Taboo, Tobacco
Word Trip Lebanon Level 6 – Ken, Ten, Ice, Kit, Tin, Kin, Ink, Tie, Net, Nit, Neck, Kite, Knit, Tine, Cent, Tick, Tink, Cite, Nice, Incite, Kinetic
Word Trip Lebanon Level 7 – Rex, Pet, Tee, Per, Rete, Tree, Pert, Peer, Crepe, Exert, Erect, Crete, Crept, Peter, Creep, Expert, Except, Expect, Excerpt
Word Trip Lebanon Level 8 – Bar, Rib, Lab, Air, Ail, Lay, Bay, Ray, Bray, Lyra, Rail, Ably, Airy, Liar, Bail, Lair, Briar, Libra, Larry, Barry, Library
Word Trip Lebanon Level 9 – Hip, Toy, Hit, Thy, Dip, Top, Tip, Hot, Hid, Hop, Poi, Pod, Pit, Pot, Dot, Pity, Tidy, Pith, Doth, Pithy, Typhoid
Word Trip Lebanon Level 10 – Pre, Pro, Rod, Per, Pop, Pod, Ore, Odd, Ode, Red, Prod, Rode, Pope, Pore, Drop, Prop, Rope, Doer, Dropped
Word Trip Lebanon Level 11 – Lie, Nil, Nee, Eel, Ice, Leer, Erne, Lien, Lice, Nile, Rile, Line, Rice, Reel, Rein, Nice, Creel, Liner, Niece, Relic, Recline
Word Trip Lebanon Level 12 – Ant, Git, Nag, Gat, Gig, Tin, Tag, Gag, Gin, Tan, Nit, Gnat, Tang, Gait, Anti, Gain, Gang, Giant, Aging, Tagging
Word Trip Lebanon Level 13 – Bed, Red, Ode, Door, Oboe, Rode, Dome, Bode, Room, Mood, Bred, Moor, Mode, Robe, More, Brood, Broom, Rodeo, Bored, Boomed, Moored, Boredom, Bedroom
Word Trip Lebanon Level 14 – Fee, Her, Eel, See, She, Seer, Feel, Here, Else, Free, Reef, Reel, Flee, Leer, Self, Serf, Heel, Sheer, Fresh, Flesh, Shelf, Herself
Word Trip Lebanon Level 15 – Oaf, For, Wad, Ado, Raw, Rod, War, Far, Fad, Row, Draw, Fora, Ford, Ward, Woad, Word, Roar, Road, Arrow, Dwarf, Farrow, Forward
Word Trip Lebanon Level 16 – Sew, Hew, Shy, Sky, Hey, Why, Wye, His, She, Key, Wey, Yes, Yew, Wise, Skew, Wish, Whey, Whisk, Sheik, Whisky, Whiskey
Word Trip Lebanon Level 17 – Cot, Eon, Ton, Net, Con, Ten, One, Not, Toe, Tone, Cote, Cone, Conn, None, Cent, Note, Once, Nonce, Tonne, Tenon, Cento, Connect
Word Trip Lebanon Level 18 – Fop, For, Per, Pre, Foe, Pro, Sop, Ore, Pose, Pore, Fore, Sore, Rope, Rose, Serf, Posse, Fosse, Press, Prose, Poser, Spore, Profess
Word Trip Lebanon Level 19 – Nee, Eon, Bee, Cob, One, Con, Sob, Son, See, Cone, Seen, Noes, Been, Ones, Nose, Snob, Bone, Once, Scone, Obese, Scene, Obscene
Word Trip Lebanon Level 20 – Dad, Ass, Sad, Add, Are, Sea, Ear, Red, Era, Read, Sear, Eras, Dead, Sard, Dear, Dare, Dared, Adder, Dress, Dread, Address


  1. Answers not matching level 13, which is unfortunate since many words are “bonus words already played,” which I’ve never understood and is incredibly annoying. May be done with this game.

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